Our jewels are created in a workshop ilocated in a medieval village in the Garda hills, among oil paintings and giant theatrical sculptures. Here Nicola grew up and learned to combine the beauty of art with the authenticity of craftsmanship. A few steps from the laboratory, there is Michele, a designer, has learned his technique and jewelry creativity from great masters. It is from the meeting of Nicola and Michele thatFeel No Pain is born: a laboratory that brings together the mystery of urban-style jewelery and the refinement of an artisan workmanship, perfect in the details.

In a short time the small workshop began to produce and improve more and more jewels. We are so glad that so many people, from America Europe and Asia, have been choosing our works, attracted by the innovation and by the inspring design of Feel No Pain.

You are not just a customer: you are a guest to be honored with maximum results and maximum attention.

Every day new designs take shape, new prototypes are launched and new ideas and techniques are studied for a product looking for a new language, together with an antique perfume./p>

Bertini Nicola
Founder / DESIGNER

Nicola Bertini is a  an artist and a craftsman. His is the founder of Feel no Pain, Passionate and expert, he loves designing new jewels and write about ancient symbols and stories.


Michele Ferrari is a designer and an architect. He focuses on the design and the concept. Passionate about gothic and mysterious places, games, design and architecture, he translates his ideas into the jewels you find on our website.


Gaetano Casella, behind every great work of Feel No Pain there is Gaetano. 3D modeler. All our ideas are rebuilt in a 3d model, ready to be printed and cast in Silver.



Goldsmiths, Foundries, Photographers, Web Designers etc.